Tips for feeling comfortable in the theatres.

One of the pleasures of seeing plays at OSF is the fact that we are a destination theatre. This means we have people from many different places of many different ages, many of whom are on vacation, enjoying the work on our stages. As a result, attire is very casual compared to most urban theatres. Most patrons dress comfortably so they can walk around town or the park before or after the play. Some patrons coming from a nice dinner may be more dressed up, but formal attire is not the norm. 

A note about temperatures and attire in the theatres: 

Elizabethan Stage: temperatures in this outdoor venue can fluctuate between hot to chilly to downright cold. So it's best to wear or bring layers. There are blankets that can be rented before the show, but it's best to come prepared. 

Angus Bowmer Theatre and Thomas Theatre:  these are our indoor venues, but they can be chilly due to air conditioning, so it is always a good idea to have an extra layer just in case, even in the heat of summer.