Families from White City Listo (2014). Photo by Jenny Graham.

Local School Programs

While the following programs are for schools and teachers in the Ashland area, we also offer a variety of classes, activities, and events for school groups visiting from outside the Rogue Valley. Or, invite us into your school through the School Visit Program.

2014 Teacher Appreciation Event

Kim Lockett, North Medford High School and Lydia Garcia, OSF Literary Associate. Teacher Appreciation (2014). Photo by Jenny Graham.

The Bowmer Project for Student Playgoers
  • Every year the Bowmer Project provides tickets to twelve high school and middle school classes (15 – 35 students per class) in Jackson, Josephine, Klamath and Siskiyou Counties.
  • Prior to the students' visit, teachers attend special workshops that offer strategies for teaching the plays their students will attend. 
  • During the program the students make two separate visits to the Festival where they see two plays and attend two education events. 
  • All students who complete the program receive a pass to attend selected plays with a guest during the season. 
  • Participants in the 2015 Bowmer Project are Eagle Point High School, Etna High School, Illinois Valley High School, Mazama High School, North Medford High School, Scott Valley Junior High School, Sission School, South Medford High School, Talent Middle School, Weed High School, White Mountain Middle School and Yreka High School.
  • CLICK HERE to apply for the 2016 Bowmer Project for Student Playgoers. The deadline to apply is May 15.

2015 Bowmer Project Sponsors
Wells Fargo
The Carpenter Foundation


The Ashland Schools Project

This program, offered to all schools in the Ashland School District, provides a variety of learning opportunities:

  • Students in the 6th through 8th grades see a 40-minute adaptation of a current OSF production presented by OSF actors and 7th and 8th graders will participate in Shakespeare workshops. 
  • Freshman English students at Ashland High School participate in a Prologue, attend a current OSF production in the Angus Bowmer Theatre, and join in a follow-up discussion with a member of the cast. 
  • Teachers from any Ashland school bringing students to see a play at OSF can schedule a prepatory class in their classroom taught by company members.