Mariachi Vargas Extravaganza at the Green Show

Work with the Green Show

Bring your talents to our outdoor community stage.

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival welcomes performers with a variety of talents. The Green Show audience is as diverse as the material we offer and celebrates acts that are creative and share that diversity. We attract an audience of all ages and backgrounds and all Green Shows are performed on our outdoor stage.

When considering an act for the Green Show, please take into account that we are not able to accommodate lighting effects, our stage is outdoors, acts that are self-contained are better served on our stage, and we do request that all shows be family friendly.  To submit a performer application, please follow the link "Green Show Performer Application" to the right.

Students who are currently in High School in the Rogue Valley area can apply for our Professional Experience and Education Program (PEEP). The Community Productions staff will hand select students who show exemplary work ethic, technical knowledge, leadership qualities and a willingness to learn. We expect to start reviewing 2015 applications in April 2015.

Questions Frequently Asked by Performer Applicants

Q: Does the Green Show financially compensate artists?

YES! The Oregon Shakespeare Festival compensates artists. The amount is dependent on a number of factors such as size and number of performances, additional educational workshops, travel and housing needs. These will be negotiated with performers once we determine if there is a match in schedule and material.

Q: Instead of following the submission guidelines can I just call and tell you about my show?

No. You must apply. The submission guidelines were created to make sure we receive materials in a consistent format.

Q: Should I submit idea A or B?

Submit both if you have passion for both! We build our season from what you submit. We might use A, we might use B, we might use both A and B.

Q: How long should my show be and when can I perform with you?

The Green Show is the same length as our Elizabethan season, early June - mid October. The shows are 35-40 minutes and take place before the evening performances beginning at 6:45.

Q: Are you looking for people to perform for the whole season or only one month?

If you are a local performer, we could program you on non-consecutive dates throughout the season.  Please note, our audiences prefer different shows on consecutive dates. If you are in town for a limited time we will try to book a show between your dates for maximum variety for our audience. In the submission form, please give your general availability. We program around your availability.

Q: Does OSF provide lodging for out- of- state performers?


Q: Is it a "captive" audience (sitting down to watch a show) or are they waiting for the house to open and looking at background entertainment?

The Green Show stage is located in the central area between our main theaters. Although this is an open area, the Green Show is a destination entertainment. This means that most audience members are there specifically to see the Green Show.

Q: What do you mean by "my community"?

This is different for every person. We ask you to write about your community so that we can program shows to have resonance with the different communities our plays interact with on stage and in the audience. Some might feel their community is the military or local farmers. Some might have a strong ethnic, religious, or national community. Some might be a part of the deaf community while others consider their community to be whoever they are working with at the time. This answer should be unique to every person and we look forward to reading your responses.

Q: I am a storyteller, action painter, performance artist, etc. I heard you were more interested in musicians, dancers, and jugglers. Should I submit to the Green Show?

Yes, you should! If you don't submit, we can't program you. Use your best judgment. Our audience is as diverse as the material we're offering onstage, so make sure your work is family friendly (or at least not family antagonistic). Also, this is an outdoor stage, so work that depends on lighting effects might not be a good fit. You will be served by simplicity and agility and we will be served by creativity and diversity. Can't wait to see your work!