Depending on your contract you may be eligible for a variety of benefits.

Company members receive benefits based on the length of their contract and the amount of hours in their weekly schedule. Benefits* may include:

Health Care
OSF provides a medical, dental and vision plan to eligible company members. Coverage is available the first day of the month following employment. In addition, company members have the opportunity to pay for uncovered health and dependent care expenses on a pretax basis through our Flexible Spending Accounts.

Matching Retirement Plan
OSF allows eligible employees to save for retirement through a 403(b) plan. This plan allows employees to make contributions on a pre-tax basis up to certain limits established by law. OSF contributes a matching amount as determined by the Board of Directors each year.

Vacation and Holiday Pay
Full-time and seasonal company members with contracts of at least 20 weeks, who work a minimum of 20 hours per week, accrue vacation pay. Most company members receive 9 paid holidays during the calendar year.

Life and Long Term Disability Insurance
OSF provides life and long term disability insurance for company members who have contracts of a minimum of 10 continuous months. Long Term Disability is provided to company members who have contracts of 12 continuous months or more.

Employee Assistance Program
Our Employee Assistance Program offers all company members and members of their household confidential re-sources to help them deal with personal problems that might adversely impact their work performance, health, and well-being. Among the offerings of our EAP are confidential short-term counseling, up to three free-of-charge visits to a counselor, a financial advice line and a nurse line.)

We also provide company members with...

  • Company Wellness Program 
  • Generous comp ticket privileges for all company members
  • Artistic enrichment classes and events
  • Vocal and movement workshops
  • Active diversity and inclusion program
  • Many company social functions

*This listing applies to benefit-eligible company members not covered by a collective bargaining agreement. Represented employees should consult their contracts for specific benefit provisions.