Assistantships are designed to provide an advanced, hands-on, professional development opportunity for emerging/working artists and aspiring/working arts administrators. Opportunities exist in virtually every area of the festival. In most of these areas, prior theater experience is not required.

On average, Assistantships are three months in length. Recipients are paired with either an OSF artisan or administrator and/or they are matched with an OSF guest artist that is with us for the season. In general, 35-40 Assistantships are offered every year across disciplines. Recipients are provided with complimentary housing, round trip airfare, and a $1,000 monthly stipend throughout their tenure. Assistantships may also fulfill academic requirements, which would be determined by the respective applicant’s academic institution (if applicable). There are no academic requirements to be eligible for an assistantship and participants do not have to be a student.

Please note: The categories listed below are the areas in the festival where Assistantships are currently being offered. If you are interested in applying within an area that is not listed below, please send a letter of inquiry to: [email protected] to confirm if we are able to provide you with that opportunity.

Depending on your area of interest, the eligibility requirements for an Assistantship vary. However, all Assistantship applicants must be able to demonstrate experience in their respective area of interest. The required experience can be demonstrated with the completion of a college degree in the respective area of interest and/or it can be demonstrated with a minimum of two years of work experience in the respective area of interest. Experience outside of the applicant’s area of interest will be considered if it’s relevant to the desired position. Candidates must be able to commit full time to the position if selected.

Please Note: Applicants interested in an Assistantship in Directing, Stage Management, Lighting Design/Technology must have directed, stage managed, or designed a minimum of five theater productions and/or live events (college/university productions qualify). Equivalent work in film, television and/or other relevant industry may also be considered.

Additionally, if you’re selected you may be required to begin your three (3) month assignment as early as January and complete your three (3) month assignment as late as August. For this reason, applicants with the most time available between January 2016 and August 2016 are the most competitive. Please also note that some scenic areas (carpentry, scenic paint) have opportunities that begin in the Fall as early as October. So, if applying for those areas please indicate if you have availability in the Fall.

The application deadline is July 1st every year for the following season. So, if you are interested in receiving an Assistantship during our 2016 season, your application is due July 1, 2015. OSF’s season opens in late February and closes in early November every year.

FAIR currently offers Assistantships in the following areas:

Administration Opportunities

•Audience Development

•Program Administration


Artistic Opportunities

•Stage Management

Design Opportunities

•Hair Design/Wig Construction


Production Opportunities


•Costume Crafts/Technology

•Lighting Technology


•Production Management

•Scenic Props

•Scenic Painting

•Sound Technician

•Technical Direction