Downtown Ashland, OR


Tips to find the best spot

It's always best to leave an extra 15-20 minutes in your arrival schedule to find parking downtown and walk to the theatres. There are available options for patrons of all mobility levels. In addition to the city-owned three-level parking garage adjacent to the Thomas Theatre, there are several four-hour parking lots within blocks of the Festival, as well as street parking for both cars and commercial buses. There is also ample parking along the creek in Lithia Park for those who like to stroll to and from the theatres through the park. Please note that much of the street parking in Ashland is for two-hours-only before 5:30 pm.

A link to a map of available parking areas close to OSF is on the right-hand side of this page. Be sure to inquire at your hotel to see if they offer transportation to the theatres and perhaps avoid the need to park downtown at all. 

As you come up Pioneer Street to the theatres, you may drop off passengers curbside. Please note that Pioneer Street is on an incline. For a level space to drop off passengers, continue up Pioneer Street, go left on Hargadine Street, and left again just after you pass the upper level of the three-story parking garage. The lowest level of the parking garage, just behind the Thomas Theatre, has a level area to drop off passengers, as well as plenty of handicapped parking spaces. Questions? Call our Box Office at 800-219-8161.
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