Elizabethan Stage

In the Theatres

Dos and don'ts in the theatre.

The theatre experience at OSF is very casual on the surface - it's a very social environment on the bricks outside the theatres and in the lobbies, and people are having a lot of fun. Yet there are some policies to know before entering the theatre performance space that will enhance your playgoing experience, as well as that of your neighbors. 

  • Use of cameras and recording devices (including cell phones) is not allowed in the theatres. The best place for your group photos is on the bricks or in the lobby before or after the show. 
  • Patrons who need to leave their seats during the performance may not be able to be reseated until the intermission. 
  • All performances begin promptly. There is no late seating at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and no refunds for latecomers. Video monitors in the lobby allow latecomers to view the show until they can be reseated. 
  • Only concessions purchased at the Concessions Booth may be brought into the theatres -- no outside food or beverages are allowed. 
  • Children under six years of age are not allowed into performances.