Policies for Group Orders

Be sure to check out our guidelines for both student and adult groups.


  • Payment
    • 2015 group orders placed after December 1st, 2014 require a 25% deposit by check or credit card within two weeks from the date the order is placed. (Schools may use a purchase order for the deposit, with final payment in form of a check or credit card only.)
    • Final payment and any changes must be made four weeks prior to your first event.
    • Early group requests for an upcoming season are filed for processing by deposit received date and require a $5 per ticket, per play deposit. The early order period ends once phone orders are accepted. 
  • Changes/Exchanges
    • The deadline for changes or exchanges for a group order is four weeks before your first scheduled event. Reducing your order to less than 15 tickets per performance disqualifies you for group benefits and prices.
    • Additional purchases after the four-week deadline must be made through the regular box office.
    • Once your ticket order is paid in full, tickets will be mailed after the four-week deadline. Groups requesting that their tickets be mailed early forfeit their refund, exchange and cancellation privileges as of the date the tickets are mailed.
  • Cancellations
    • A fee is charged for complete cancellation (15% of your deposit or a $30.00 minimum plus the non-refundable $20 handling charge). Your request to cancel must reach the Box Office at least four weeks before your first scheduled event.
    • If you cancel an early group request before it has been processed it is fully refundable.
  • Be On Time
    • There is no late seating in any of our theaters. Latecomers will not receive refunds.
  • Notes to Organizers
    • Children under six are not admitted to plays or other events, however childcare is available in Ashland. 

       Inclement Weather

  • Mornings in Ashland can be cool. It is suggested to bring a jacket to the Backstage Tour.
  • If you are seeing a play on the outdoor Allen Elizabethan Theatre and the weather seems threatening, be sure to keep your ticket stub; it will be needed to receive a voucher.
  • If it rains during the first hour of a performance in the Allen Elizabethan Theatre, rain vouchers will be given to those who choose to leave and present their ticket stubs to the Box Office during that period. You must be present in the theatre at the beginning of the play to be eligible for a rain voucher. The play continues as long as it is safe for the actors to perform.