Seraphim Dance Theatre


Performing in the 2012 Green Show Friday, October 12 and Sunday, October 14.

This is their first season in the OSF Green Show.

Visionary dance performance art with live music, offering stories of inspiration and beauty

Seraphim Dance Theatre is a new Music and Dance performance group, summoned from the collaborative ether, featuring a fresh blend of multidimensional visionary performance art, music and story telling. With precision choreography, dynamic visual art,  and live symphonic soundscapes, Seraphim  focuses on offering original and inspiring art that is the evocation of revolution and the human spirit.

The Seraphim show features an all original live and electronic music score by David Block of The Human Experience. Teaming up with Vocalist Amae Love who provides her insightful lyrics and melodies to a provide a fiercely soulful live performance. Together they weave psychedelic layers of melody and harmony with organic grooves to create a live electronic symphony brimming with human emotion.

Movement art, centered through Tracy Windisch of Luminuques, creates a fusion of choreography that blends many modalities of dance with the use of traditional fire tools. The fusion of classical ballet technique with the precise isolations, locks and body rolls of belly dance is at the core of the performance and choreography style.

Cassandra Davis, Co-Director of Liquid Fire Mantra, joins together with Tracy to offer cutting edge Dance Theatre.  As Creative Art Director Cassandra has reinvented her creative element to continue her art of depth, purpose and soul. Touring internationally, Cassandra has performed as a star fire artist offing dynamic and passionate performance.

Seraphim also features multi-media artist Videolicious, Jonathan Singer and original animation by Alena Cochren with visionary art of Carey Thompson, Ka Katherine June, Luke Brown, Autumn Sky and others providing a visual story scape and moving back drop to capture the imagination of all.

Seraphim Dance Theatre on Community: Seraphim Dance Theatre is connected to the pulse of the a Visionary Art Collective. We are based in the Burning Man community, are based in Ashland OR, and serve as a bridge in the underground art genre to the contemporary art world. 
Seraphim is the voice of many artists who dare to dream beyond the ideals of the current society to drive a  revolution of independent thinking through medium of multi disciplinary art. Our community is underground and many of us are now emerging to to share our progressive vision to bring about social and environmental change.