Rogue Valley Harmonizers

Rogue Valley Harmonizers

Performing in the 2014 Green Show Sunday, June 29.

This is their fourth season in the OSF Green Show.

A Cappella singing with spirit and energy.

The Harmonizers are part of a 75 year old national organization of 25,000 male singers nation wide. The organization is non-profit [501(c)3] and independent of any outside affiliations. In addition to the shared library of over 7000 songs and arrangements, we frequently create new ones, parodies and original skits. Over more than 25 years in our two counties, the Harmonizers have presented hundreds of show, fundraisers for other groups, parties and special occasion performances. Our members come from all walks of life, all ages and all levels of experience. Never static, the Harmonizers are always seeking and welcoming singers, beginning, aspiring and experienced.

Rogue Valley Harmonizers on Community: Our singers come from more than 50 miles around to bring you their unique blend of voices. As part of our community services, for Josephine and Jackson counties, we provide workshops for high school students and an extensive fourth grade elementary school program, Get America Singing Again (GASA). In this program, we have distributed without charge 1,500 songbooks. Each year several schools are selected, six for the current year. Our men visit each class once per week for ten weeks. We then bring all those students to a theater for a mass sing with our chorus and quartets. Teachers tell us that this is a transforming experience for students, many of whom have no other personal music involvement. This year we have expanded the program to high school classes of up to 48 students at a time.