René y Grant: Acoustic Latino

René Millán

Performing in the 2013 Green Show Saturday, June 8.

This is his sixth season in the OSF Green Show.

Unplugged Andalucian/flamenco rock.

René Millán has performed in seven seasons at OSF and is in his 40th year as a Chicano exploring the music of Latin America. He is also exploring the music of Andaluca, Spain.

Grant Ruiz (guitar, vocals) is a local musician and teacher who has performed in several Green Shows and plays at the OSF since 2002. He is currently a board member of the Jefferson Classical Guitar Society.

René y Grant on Community: Performing our music in the Green Show last year was a creative experience we'll never forget. As we performed, we were moved to see people singing along with us in Spanish. It felt like we were connecting to them on a cultural level and we felt at home. We're back for more, and this time we want to broaden the awareness for the Latino styles we perform, and the stories our songs portray. We saw firsthand the sheer variety of patrons sitting silently and listening attentively that this music transcends differences across cultures and brings people together.