Phoenix and Four Directions

Phoenix and Four Directions

Performing in the 2013 Green Show Thursday, June 27 and Thursday, September 5.

This is their second seasons in the OSF Green Show.

Soulful multi-cultural musical celebration of harmony,love and peace!

Phoenix Sigalove is a singer/song-writer and story-teller who calls the Rogue Valley home. He is a warrior for peace and social justice, and the protection of wild places and their inhabitants. His one-man show Phoenix Blues, the story of his year-long horseback ride from Montana to Mexico, was performed last year at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and at the Britt Festival.

Phoenix and Four Directions on Community: I feel so fortunate to live in Southern Oregon! From my first introduction to this community years ago, I felt a kinship and a powerful resonance, with this remarkable place and with the people that live here. I knew immediately that this was a place where people care deeply about one another, about the environment, where there food and water comes from... and what we leave for future generations. This community has embraced me and supported my artistic expression. I am honored to live here, and proud to raise my family in this community.