Mud Bay Jugglers

Mud Bay Jugglers

Performing in the 2013 Green Show Friday, October 11 and Sunday, October 13.

This is their third season in the OSF Green Show. 

Inventive trio collaboratively combines theater, physical comedy, dance and juggling.

Doug Martin co-founded the Mud Bay Jugglers in 1980. Doug has toured in Australia, Scotland, and Japan as part of Lajoye theatre production company. He enjoys presenting his unique talents as a musician, mime, escape artist, funambulist, and of course as a juggler. Doug is particularly proud of his musical accomplishments on the musical glasses. Alan Fitzthum began his training as a juggler in 1974 and joined the Mud Bay Jugglers in 1982 as a principle performer and juggler. He has helped to create what Juggler's World magazine called "a revelation- juggling and dance merged into a single theatrically expressive performance art.” Harry "Boom Boom Sweets" Levine believes that laughter may be the only medicine that everyone can afford. After years of analysis, his theory on comedy can be summed up as follows: Quantity. A short-lived job in an apple orchard blossomed into a fascination with juggling. This led to joining the Mud Bay Jugglers in 1995 and performing with the trio at theaters and festivals throughout North America.

Mud Bay Jugglers on Community: The Mud Bay Jugglers have been together for 33 years; they are cornerstones of the Olympia arts and progressive community, with long standing connections to Evergreen State College. They are respected veterans in the vaudeville/variety community throughout the Pacific Northwest with cultivated reputations and relationships with the Oregon Country Fair, The New Old Time Chautauqua, The Moisture Festival, and regional and international juggling communities.