Kites & Crows

Kites & Crows

Performing in the 2014 Green Show Wednesday, September 10.

This is their seventh season in the OSF Green Show.

Kites & Crows is an Ashland based indie folk band.

Kites & Crows is an indie folk trio from Ashland, Oregon with singer/songwriter Michael "Mysha" Caruso, multi-instrumentalist Jesse Baldwin and cellist Nancy Martin. The band employs Folk and Americana instrumentation such as banjo , accordion, cello, harmonica, guitar, vibraphonette and more. Mysha attended the Walnut Hill School for the Arts as a theatre major but he began to shift his focus to songwriting when he was traveling in the US. His solo troubadour performances eventually led him to Ashland, where he composed original music for a local theatre. The three musicians of Kites & Crows met at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival where Mysha currently performs in The Cocoanuts. The name Kites & Crows actually is inspired from the production of Coriolanus, where the recently banished battle hero is hiding out "...under the the city of kites and crows..."

Kites & Crows on Community: OSF is our community at the heart of the larger community of Ashland. OSF holds a the heart of our community as a platform for creativity within a supportive and diverse family of artistic lives. On a larger scale, the town of Ashland has proved similarly with a support of the arts and Kites & Crows have found a sturdy stance in the local music scene. Kites & Crows look to connect with other communities in the northwest to bring the vibrancy of OSF and Ashland to them.