Dana and Susan Robinson

Dana and Susan Robinson

Performing in the 2012 Green Show Thursday, June 21.

This is their first season in the OSF Green Show.

Folk, Americana, and Stringband music from Asheville, North Carolina

Dana and Susan Robinson are two guitar-playing, banjo-frailing, fiddle-sawing, and harmony-singing interpreters of the American experience. Their unique blend of contemporary songwriting and traditional Appalachian music bring a deep understanding of America's musical heritage to their performances.

The genius of a Dana and Susan Robinson performance lies in their ability to capture the imagination of their audience, evoking a transformative experience that touches on the deepest humanity. They can make the audience howl with laughter or hush with poignant reflection as they take them on a journey across America.

An Oregon native, Dana relocated to New England in the early 1980s where he discovered both a thriving songwriter's scene and the deep well of traditional mountain music.  Sue grew up in a musical family in Vermont and studied piano, oboe, and Scottish fiddle. She was working in the environmental field in California when she met Dana in 2002.  Dana and Susan are now based near Asheville, North Carolina.

Dana and Susan Robinson on Community: Our community are the lives we touch in the work that we do. Our community are the people that we learn from wherever we go. Our home roots are currently planted in Marshall, North Carolina; where in the southern Appalachian mountains a blend of staunchly conservative folk and liberal back-to-the-landers mingle and manage to get along together. We all attend town meetings and community dances.

This is a dichotomy we see all over the country. Folks just like the ones in our own hometown come to our performances and, usually after our performance, in turn, share their own stories with us. This is what I call "The Trade."  This commonality and universality of our stories are something that we like to appreciate and emphasize.  In music and in stories we share community. We move to the same rhythm, we nod our heads to the same parables. We all live out the same myths and archetypes. 

Our place in this community is to initiate storytelling and music wherever we go. Our work is to help folks break through the general film of malaise and apathy that permeates society. Basically, however, we just do this by having fun playing music, and we are always grateful for the opportunity to do so!