The Lowest Pair

The Lowest Pair

Performing in the 2014 Green Show Tuesday, June 17.

This is their first season in the OSF Green Show.

New old-time banjo Songster duo featuring Kendl Winter (K Records) and Palmer T. Lee (Boys N' the Barrels)

The Lowest Pair is a quirky, old-time roots influenced duet, featuring the high lonesome harmonies of banjo pickin' songsters Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee.  They perform both traditional and original music, often nestling-in somewhere between.  Arkansas born, and homesteading in Olympia, Kendl is a solo artist on indie record label K Records and one of the founding members of the award winning string band The Blackberry Bushes.  Palmer hails from Minneapolis, MN and is the front man of high energy festival favorites bluegrass outfit, The Boys n' the Barrels.  The two met in early 2013 and began discussing the idea of collaborating.  Shorty thereafter they hit the road with their banjos and an old guitar.  A few months after the duet formed they took 3rd place at the Minnesota State Fair duet championships.  Since then they have been full time on the road performing at festivals, house concerts, theaters, wineries, breweries, and private events.  With their city folk front and back porch sentiment, this new, sweet, and powerful duo are turning heads across the country.

The Lowest Pair on Community: Kendl has spent the last decade in Olympia, WA and works with Olympia indie record label K records. Palmer T. Lee hails from Minnesota and has been part of a string band called the Boys N' the Barrels. The duo has performed often with community vaudeville acts and with local farmers for their harvest festivities and farmers markets.  To be traveling musicians is to depend on our communities and in turn work hard to support and give back to them.  We need eachother.