Sue Carney

Sue Carney

Performing in the 2014 Green Show on Thursday, September 25.

This is her 30th season in the OSF Green Show.

Fascinating. Charming. Sue chats and plays her favorite ancient instruments.

Sue Carney is a former OSF resident artist, best known for her work as a composer, producer, and performer at the acclaimed Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where she has created music for theater, dance, and video productions. She is also a founding director of The Terra Nova Consort, an ensemble dedicated to exploring the roots of today's world music. This award winning, internationally acclaimed ensemble released two recordings on the Dorian label, which were distributed in 57 countries worldwide.

In addition, Sue has served as an musical ambassador, representing OSF at the Festival Cervantino, in Guanajuato, Mexico.This led to a long term collaboration with University of Guanajuato resident ensemble Los Tiempos Pasados.

Equally at home in modern and historic musical worlds, Carney's performances effortlessly span genres from jazz, blues & rock, world music, and early music. Her songs and compositions likewise draw inspiration from the many musical realms she has explored in her unconventional career.

Sue Carney on Community: My community is made up of OSF patrons, Ashland community members, Jazz fans & Renaissance music lovers worldwide. It has been my privilege to perform for countless Green Show audience members over the past 30 years, to tour internationally, and to collaborate with world class artists at OSF. This is the heart of my community.