ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum

Science Works Hands On Museum

Performing in the 2014 Green Show Friday, July 11 and Wednesday, October 8.

This is their first season in the OSF Green Show.

ScienceWorks brings science to life with  demonstrations that will amaze!

Summer Brandon, ScienceWorks' Education Manager, combines her years of informal and classroom teaching experience with her science degree to create exciting science learning experiences. She has an abiding love of science and exploration and enjoys tinkering with ScienceWorks visitors every weekend.

Science Works on Community: At ScienceWorks we love being part of the Rogue Valley community! There is such a rich history of collaboration and invention here, and ScienceWorks is excited to support that legacy with hands-on learning and opportunities to explore. We find that when we take the time to play and invent together we build stronger connections and deeper respect for one another, so we love hosting opportunities for families and our formal education partners to experience that playful collaboration as well.