The Poet Pistachio

The Poet Pistachio

Performing in the 2014 Green Show with Patchy Sanders on Tuesday, June 3.

This is his first season in the OSF Green Show.

Interactive improvisational poetry, impressions, and songs for inspiration and giggles.

The Poet Pistachio is a poet-comedian weaving wisdom and hilarity through improvised prose, songs and lyrical poetry. Bringing a message of inspiration, creativity, and positivity, the Poet Pistachio improvises a completely unique, never before-heard poem or song given any word, question, topic, statement, or thought. Completely contemporary, yet thoroughly throw-back, a performance by the Poet Pistachio will leave you inspired and full of the breath of life.

Poet Pistachio on Community: My community is Ashland, Oregon, and as such, I wish to celebrate its people and culture by creating thematically related content in collaboration with other artists from the community. Furthermore, the interactive nature of the performance is intended to show that all art and culture is a community effort, a process of co-creation.