Performing in the 2014 Green Show Wednesday, June 25 and Tuesday, September 16.

This is their first season in the OSF Green Show.

J'ourvet performs energetic Caribbean Jazz; featuring Steel Drum and Vibraphone

Tom Berich, the leader of Maraval Road, has been performing as a professional steel drum player for over 20 years. He studied "pan" with Ellie Mannette and Andy Narell. As a pan player he has directed, produced and performed all over the country including Trinidad's Panorama. He is an active writer and producer for Lonely Street Productions having his "nostalgia-based" shows produced all over the country. For two years he wrote and hosted the oldest music trivia radio show in the country (EtherGame, WFIU-Bloomington, IN). In addition, he was a producer for Nickelodeon's live shows for 5 years.

J'ourvet on Community: It is a goal of J'ourvet to test the audience's idea of what "jazz" can be played on and indeed What IS jazz? Musical surprises including Disney songs, music written by Todd Rundgren and even an odd melodica shows up in this fun 45 minutes of music. We will encourage interaction with the audience shortly after the performance.