Full Circle Souljahs

Full Circle

Performing in the 2014 Green Show Thursday, July 31 and Saturday, August 2.

This is their fourth season in the OSF Green Show.

Full Circle fuses urban dance styles with poetry or monologue elements to enhance the storytelling aspect of dance.

Full Circle Productions, a Hip-Hop/Dance/Theater/Company celebrates another triumphant year of presenting exhilarating performances and engaging educational programming.  Based in the cultural mecca of New York City their unique blend of urban/theatre with soulful/optimism has thrilled audiences throughout the country.  They offer an equal balance of men and women in presentations of authentic Hip-Hop dance technique from NYC Hip-Hop street culture.

Founded in 1996 by veteran hip-hop performers Rokafella (A. Garcia) and Kwikstep (G.Dionisio), Full Circle offers 360 degrees of NYC Hip-Hop Culture informed by the urban artistic experience, reaching musically from percussion to turn-table to beat-box; from hip-hop, latin, garage and house to spoken word and the visual world of graffiti artists.  Their Hip-Hop dancing references breaking, uprocking, poppin' and lockin', plus Latin, African and house styles.

Music videos, tours, commercials and films have featured members and students of Full Circle Productions as a testament to the idea that art can become your career if you are disciplined and ready to take risks. Recently, a short documentary Visiones: Latino Culture in the U.S. aired on PBS highlighting the ups and downs of running a company, maintaining street credibility and holding on to your cultural background. Workshops, outreach, and residencies are the other way Full Circle gives back and replenishes the cycles of growth in the community.

Kwikstep and Rokafella bring the fullness of an urban artistic world through their multi-ethnic 12 member company that includes 8 dancers, live musicians, DJ, choreography and interdisciplinary visual collaborations.  Their latest projects Hip Hop to the Head, InnaViews, and Soular Power’d are based on city living and have been presented in New York city at Lincoln Center, DTW, The New Victory, and Skirball Center as well as The Kennedy Center in Washington DC.  They bring a high standard of Hip-Hop steeped in street history and authentic dance technique that fuses all elements of urban art to create a new genre of Urban/Dance/Theatre/Montage.

Full Circle on Community: Inspired from the street and brought into theaters Full Circle offers a full spectrum of Hip-Hop Culture that is approachable and straight-from-the-heart.  It is our desire to educate the rest of the country that Hip-hop is not only what the popular media offers. It's about real people, striving to change and grow; it's about survival and moving past any limitations through the power of creativity in the body, the beat and the song.

MC’ing (Rap), Beatboxing, DJing, Spray Can Art, and Dancing have all crossed language and distance barriers very much like its predecessors Jazz, Tap and the Blues.  At a time when Hip-Hop is used as a commercial vehicle in the mainstream our goal is to maintain Hip-Hop Culture as a positive urban expression for today’s youth.

We share our passion, experience and wisdom with everyone- young and old, white or Hispanic, male or female- on and off stage. We believe dedication can help overcome the challenges of life and in so doing establish an intangible form of dignity and self love.