Scene shop photo

Setting the stage

Meet the artisans that put us in the heart of the story and create a space that enables actors to tell those stories in the best way possible.

Technical Director
William S. Tiesi

Assistant Technical Directors
Travis Gilmore
Bruce Jennings
Joseph A. Porto
Steven R. Willeby

Master Carpenter
Tasia Simon

Master Welder
Tom Mulholland

Keith Kleinedler

Erin Chesnut
Edward Cook III
Elib Crist-Dwyer
David Foyil
Matthew Ginovsky

You'll find videos from past seasons on this page and other pages throughout this section that highlight the work of OSF artisans. All of our Behind-the-Scenes videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel at this link

Automation Supervisor
James F. Dean, Jr.

Automation Electrical Designer
Ryan Poethke

Automation Programmer
Jennifer Hanson

Automation Fabricator
Timothy Hannon

Charge Scenic Artist
Gabriel Barrera

Lead Scenic Artists
Thayne Abraham
Patrick Bonney

Scenic Artists
Amanda Haverick
Cassandra Phillips