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Daedalus Project

  • August 24
  • Allen Elizabethan Theatre

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An inspirational event!

For decades, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival company and audience have come together in August for The Daedalus Project. This annual event raises money to end the spread of HIV/AIDS, and to remember and celebrate those who have died from this disease.

Join us on August 24 for both the afternoon play reading and the evening variety show on the 28th Anniversary of this entertaining, inspiring event.

Tickets for the Reading are $25. Tickets for the Variety Show are $30-35. To purchase tickets for the Variety Show online, click on August 24 on the calendar above; or call the Box Office at 800-219-8161. For the Play Reading, visit us here.

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In addition to the Daedalus Play Reading and the evening variety show OSF stages an Arts and Treasures sale throughout the day. You can buy anything from hand-crafted jewelry to dinner cooked in your home by an actor to props from your favorite OSF production.