Sweet Malloy

Sweet Malloy

Performing in the 2013 Green Show Friday, October 5.

This is their first season with the OSF Green Show.

Toe-tappin', hip-wigglin' good times to be had by all!

In the winter of 2011, three friends came together to chase away the winter chill. They may have seemed an unlikely trio to the casual observer; Jonathan Ash, 45, sculptor, painter and farmer; Robert Doctor, 45, surgical technician with 25 years of touring as singer songwriter Phillip Flathead under his belt; and Carson Ward, 26, young farmer from Seattle. Vastly different backgrounds, but a shared vision of a new spectral fusion sound movement. With Robert's extensive touring experience, Carson's unique, carefree lead guitar style, and Jonathan's original songs inspired by the life of the artist-farmer, these three combined their smorgasbord of musical tastes and backgrounds: comfortably fusing influences ranging from early fifties pre-rock 'n' roll, klesmer, 70's era honky-tonk, bluegrass, contemporary euro-pop, punk, and 1930's blues, into a uniquely contemporary sound delivered with their now trademark frenetic enthusiasm. It makes you feel like dancing! In the spring of 2012 the newly formed Sweet Malloy trio connected with singer and musician Helen Vaskevitch, 24, hailing from Seattle, WA, when they heard her singing solo in a local club. Inspired by her unique and sultry blues moan of a voice, they wanted her for their own, and thus Sweet Malloy had two vocalists and songwriters to weave sweet harmonies. A month or so later Rusty Shorey, 23, was brought on board to liven the scene and hold down the beat with his energetic electric bass style. A quintet, but not for long--Jonathan had big visions. Sweet Malloy took up residency as house band at local burrito joint and hang-out spot Ruby's in Ashland, OR, and it was at one of their regular monthly gigs that Jonathan noticed Lumin Egress, 27, lingering on the scene with his accordian. There on the spot, Lumin, multi-instrumentalist from San Francisco, became a Malloy and Sweet Malloy became the sextet it is today, plus or minus guest washboard player Chari Weatherford. The Sweet Malloy family, minus major pets, second cousins once removed, and attachments to inanimate objects includes, (but is not limited to,) Moleman Magoo Malloy,(AKA Lincoln, (after his favorite presidential percussionist)) on drums, Howlin (Helen) Malloy on vocals, xylophone, melodica and kazoomaphone, Rusty Dusty Malloy on thump thump bass, Sweet Licks Gil Malloy on the geetar, Looney Malloy on accordian and guitar, the occasional Fingers Malloy on washboard, and Moody (you don't wanna know!) Malloy on vocals, guitar and trumpet. We will gladly thank you today for a tune we may play next Tuesday!

Sweet Malloy on Community: Our music is easily accessible; it is upbeat and draws from many familiar American music traditions. We have played a variety of venues, including farms, cafes, houses, bars and benefits, in both afternoon and evening events, for a variety of audiences and age ranges. Anybody who likes to relax and have fun by tapping their toe or dancing with their friends and family is part of our community.