Sue Carney's Alta California

Sue Carney

Performing in the 2012 Green Show Sunday August 19, Tuesday August 21, and Friday August 24.

Alta California

Los Angeles, 1835. Warm, fragrant breezes.  Tangos, fandangos, jotas, romance!  New collaborators.  New repertoire.

Director's Notes: Before the Gold Rush, California was a thriving Mexican colony, independent of Spain, and occupying a remote paradise. The music of Alta California reflects the grace, beauty, and abundance of the land-  telling tales of an earlier California that still drift on the warm breezes, enchanting all who listen. The Californios were blessed not only in their rich Mexican musical heritage, but also in the influences that came to them through their thriving ports. Dance music from the continent, Tangos from Argentina, and the passionate, ornate melodies of Spain melded with popular  Mexican music (itself an earlier hybrid of Spanish, indigenous Native American and German elements) to produce one of the richest, most sonorous, and tuneful musical traditions to be found in the New or Old Worlds. This is the birthplace of Mariachi: where romance blooms on every tree. Where the gentle strumming and passionate serenading continue until dawn.
In the best tradition of the OSF Green Show, we have brought together two groups of musicians: ¡Aparato!, from the San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles, and the Terra Nova Consort, former resident ensemble at OSF, under the direction of producer, Sue Carney. The goal is to recreate the music of Los Angeles, circa 1835, and to share some songs and fandangos together with our audience.

The Terra Nova Consort
Beginning as the resident ensemble of the acclaimed Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Terra Nova first achieved international notice in 1998, when they were awarded a contract with Dorian Recordings in the first Dorian/EMA International Recording Contest. They made their European debut at the Tage Alter Musik Festival (Regensburg, Bavaria), later returning as the festival’s opening headline act. Since that time, the Consort has appeared throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico, playing at such notable venues as the Smithsonian Institute, the Dumbarton Oaks, and the International Cervantino Festival, of Guanajuato, Mexico. Their ongoing collaboration at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, with Indianapolis troupe Dance Kaleidoscope, has built a seasonal audience of 100,000 enthusiastic west coast fans, and created a wealth of opportunities to explore diverse contemporary and historic styles, from the world over. The Consort has also been active in creating and premiering original works.

These rich musical experiences inform and inspire  performances, as Terra Nova journeys to the ancient roots of contemporary World music. The audience is invited to listen in on the intimate musical conversation and join the gathering of old friends. Barriers-of culture, language and time- are left behind, as the music takes over, sweeping all preconceptions before it. Afficianados of Flamenco, World and Early Music discover an unexplored world, where past and present share today's concert stage.