Rogue World Ensemble

Rogue World Ensemble

Performing in the 2013 Green Show Wednesday, June 5.

This is their first season in the OSF Green Show.

Lively and eclectic folk songs from villages around the world.

The Ashland-based Rogue World Ensemble is a nonprofit performance choir dedicated to preserving and celebrating world folk music as traditionally sung in villages around the globe. From the Appalachian Mountains to the mountains of Georgia, from the British Isles to the Caribbean Islands, RWE's diverse and eclectic repertoire ranges from haunting acapella chants and soulful laments to rousing gospel numbers and freedom songs. Striving for an authentic portrayal of the unique style and spirit of each culture's music, Rogue World Ensemble’s dynamic performances incorporate regional instrumentation, percussion, and dances where appropriate to bring out the full flavor of the songs. The exotic variety, universal themes and infectious spirit of RWE's music has made their concerts a perennial favorite local event.

Rogue World Ensemble on Community: In villages around the world, people come together to share in the communal expression of celebration, loss, and devotion through folk music. RWE likes to consider itself a part of this "global village" which transcends national and cultural borders to connect diverse peoples through the expression of universal human experiences. We enjoy sharing the traditional songs of cultures from the far corners of the earth with our own local community, both to spread appreciation for the unique sound and style of those musical traditions and to celebrate the common themes that unite us. Our concerts appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds, often selling out venues (even of 400 person capacity), and we are happy to reinvest in our community as well, donating a portion of our proceeds to the Ashland School Foundation. In addition, we sponsor local performances and educational workshops led by international folk musicians, some from as far away as Georgia, for those who wish to learn traditional world folk songs and dances from the source. As inclusive as we consider our music to be in spirit, we also respect it enough to want to perform it with authenticity and precision as taught by the experts. We are proud to be a part of Ashland's vibrant and diverse performing arts scene, and set high standards for ourselves as artists and performers as a part of that respected community.