Patchy Sanders

Patchy Sanders

Performing in the 2014 Green Show Tuesday, June 3  with The Poet Pistachio and Tuesday, Septmeber 30.

This is their second season in the OSF Green Show.

7 Piece Americana Folk Orchestra

Patchy Sanders of Ashland, Oregon conjures the pleasantry of old and sinks in with the beauty of the moment. We weave tapestries of sound that honor the musical traditions of Celtic, Appalachian, Medieval, Americana, and Bluegrass; while building bridges into the current of today’s Folk. The band is two sisters, Jacqueline and Danielle Aubert, their lovers, Ian Van Ornum and Daniel Sherrill, drummer Alex Patterson, bassist Eric Jones, and fiddler Sara Wilbur. We are a family and we share love as much as music. We have all been writing and sharing songs for many years. Each songwriter (currently Danielle, Ian, and Daniel) brings forth their musical creations to be collectively realized as a genuine Patchy Sanders song. The instruments we create with are, (but not limited to!) Banjo, Bouzouki, Nylon and Steel stringed Guitars, Mandolin, Fiddle, Pennywhistle, Saw, Ukulele, Harp, Double Bass and lots of beautiful harmonized Voices!

Danielle Aubert: Danielle is a lover of the land and her music grows from the vines, trees, polypores and spring ephemerals that inspire her. She plays the banjo, saw pennywhistle and sings like a hawk nestled in a rose patch.  Her songs are filtered through dreams, forests, owls, and cedar trees creating what she likes to call "banjo witch ballads." They weave chromatic melodies, dissonant vocal harmonies and a soundscape of rhythmic and melodic orchestration. From the appalachians to the cascades the wilderness continues to inspire her to write and share her music.

Dan Sherrill: Oh sun! the sky, the clouds, rain and waterfalls, from a trickle to Niagara. Born in Baltimore, lived in Pennsylvania for many years, hopped around the globe, from NYC to Buenos Aires to Pittsburgh to Portland.  Now in Ashland, Oregon. He writes songs about geese, sweet treats, and lucid dreaming. Creates on many instruments, primarily the guitar tickles his bow strings the most.

Ian Van Ornum: There was a time, once…. I was standing stones on the apex of their noggins. I was happy, content with my life. A meandering staircase sprouted near. As I reached the tippy-top, there in the distance a shimmering castle. I shimmied back down to the prairied earth and been singing songs ever since about this kingdom and the characters and feelings met along the way. Long live Patchy Sanders. Ian plays and sings, mandolin, violin, bouzouki, guitar, & many/any quirky sound machines, also, he practices his whistling!

Jacqueline Aubert: Jacqueline's natural heart talent is harmony, but this little bee dreams of writing her own songs, learning to play the guitar, bouzouki, and ukulele and doing it all with grace and copious amounts of self love along the way. Yeah!

Alex Patterson: Found under a large rock buried in the dirt (Eugene), this lump of mud has been pounding on anything that makes a sound since his memory will allow him to remember. Coming back into a body outside of Chicago he was called to make it to the Pacific North West as soon as was reasonably possible and did so. To pursue music, the trees, vegetables, foods and fruits of all kind, large pinecones and of course mushrooms, the vital forces of life cascading from soul and brought out through the rhythmic/melodic flow.

Eric Jones: Somewhere between the depths of psychedelic dungeons and the wooded over-growths of the Pacific Northwest, Eric was born a man with a musical mission. Providing tight and explorative bass tones for all musical life forms since his teenage years, Eric was drawn to Southern Oregon as a place to create and call home. Nurtured in the community of Ashland, Eric has explored, expanded, collaborated, and created. After a decade of playing electric, he has embarked on a new journey with the help of a second-hand upright bass and a borrowed bow. Now in the warm embrace of the Patchy family, he is more at home than ever before.

Sara Wilbur: Born into the birch forests of Alaska's interior, Sara's childhood was full of close encounters with moose, late night trudges along snowy roads under the northern lights, and weekends spent screaming down slopes on her tiny skis. This intrepid young explorer demanded at an early age to be a violinist and continues to pursue musical opportunities of all shades and colors. Sara was scooped up by Patchy one day whilst innocently playing at the Rogue Valley Farmers Market, totally unaware of the amazing journey she was about to embark upon. She also delivers for SunStone Artisan Bakery and enjoys baking chocolate chip cookies.

Patchy Sanders on Community: Our community is Ashland, Oregon! Our music is inspired by the people and mountains that surround us everyday. Our band has gathered quite the momentum in its first year of existence. Swooping up the town of Ashland and the Rogue Valley. We offer music that is accessible to all people and genres! It is quite universal (at least I'd say so)! A Patchy Show is bound to be filled with 'Patchriotic' fans.... : )