Performing in the 2013 Green Show Thursday, October 10 and Saturday, October 12.

This is their third season in the OSF Green Show.

Acrobaticalist Ninja Theater.

NANDA is a four-man performing arts group focused on producing internationally accessible live-theater shows that combine mixed martial arts, acrobatics, circus arts, dance, music and comedy.

NANDA began when childhood friends Misha Fradin, Chen Pollina & brothers Tomoki & Kiyota Sage joined forces in 2004 to present their first production Once Upon a Time in P-Town a comedy based on their experiences growing up and living in the Northwest. Written and directed entirely by NANDA, this performance received overwhelming community support and great reviews from local press. Inspired by the success of PTown and sharing a desire to dabble in many art forms, they dubbed themselves “NANDA”, a Japanese colloquial expression used in reaction to something surprising or unexpected (“WHAT!?!”). Opportunities to perform at high profile festivals throughout the Northwest ensued and gigs have included The Moisture Festival, The Oregon Country Fair and Bumbershoot. More recently, NANDA has toured extensively throughout the US, Mexico and Canada performing in schools, theaters, festivals and for private and corporate events.

NANDA on Community: All members of NANDA grew up in the Victorian seaport town of Port Townsend, WA. Coming from a small town our community has always been inter-generational. As we tour nationally & inter-nationally we have found enthusiastic support from people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. We would like to connect with all communities world wide.

The Artistic communities that we affiliate with most are the new-vaudeville and circus arts communities. Within those communities we have developed a unique reputation for the NANDA brand of stage combat, the use of slow-motion, pop culture references and original music. Our roll within those communities is to carry on the ancient traditions of circus & live theater.