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Production History

Trace OSF’s amazing production history by decades.

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival has, in its 80 year history, completed the Shakespeare canon of 37 plays three times, and is one play away from completing the canon for the fourth time.

In this section you will find lists of all productions sorted by decade, with a few notes about important events that happened during those decades. We have included playreadings and other events such as the Midnight Projects as well. The information included for each production is: Year, Production Title, Director, Playwright, and Theatre. It is possible to use your browsers ‘search’ function to look for keywords on each page.

Occasionally, someone will want to know who has directed the most productions, including play-readings, over our 80 year history. The top 10 most prolific directors are, in order:

Jerry Turner (56 productions)

Pat Patton (46)

Cynthia White (36)

James Edmondson (35)

Angus L. Bowmer (33)

 Libby Appel (32)

Penny Metropulos (27)

Dennis Bigelow (26)

Bill Rauch (18)

and tied in 10th place Kenneth Albers and James Sandoe, each with 17.

If we look at only main stage (Ashland and Portland) and Vining Rep productions the top 10 are:

  1. Turner, Jerry (54)
  2. Patton, Pat (45)
  3. Edmondson, James (33)
  4. Appel, Libby (30) -tie
  5. Bowmer, Angus L. (30)
  6. Metropulos, Penny (20)
  7. Bigelow, Dennis (19)
  8. Rauch, Bill (18)
  9. Sandoe, James (17)
  10. Williamson, Laird (15)

If you are looking for additional information, please contact the Archives so that we may assist you.