Taming of the Shrew loadin

Stage Operations

The Stage Operations crew seriously kick butt working in rotating repertory. At peak season, they're changing over four sets in the Angus Bowmer Theatre, three in the Thomas Theatre and three in the Allen Elizabethan Theatre.

They do tough and terrific work and get the set and props on stage when they're needed!

Thomas Curtis

Associate Managers
Jason Jolly
Kate Lucibella
Todd Sible

Nebraska Bailey
Kathleen Buck
Jack Buckley
Jonathan Calvin
Michael "Mysha" Caruso
Glen Clay
John S. Clover
Charles S. Couraud
Andrew DeWeerdt
Rikkie Garner
Joshua Heuertz
Amy T. Hutcheson
Nathan Kimbrough
Chris Perme
Neil Peterson
Robbie Reyburn
Emanuel Ruiz
Richard Schaefer
Andrew Smith
Kyle Strait
Ian Webb
Grace Wolcott

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