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Play Reading

  • April 3
  • Thomas Theatre

Join us for a play reading this spring

We will offer one play reading this season at 1:30 p.m. April 3 in the Thomas Theatre.

The reading will be AJAX by Sophocles, directed by the 2014 Phil Killian Directing Fellow Tom Ridgely.

Synopsis: A decorated soldier can't sleep. Gripped by anger and shame, seized by paranoia and hallucinations, he lashes out in deadly violence. Realizing the full horror and disgrace of his actions, he is overwhelmed by hopelessness and despair and takes his own life, leaving behind a young wife and infant son. Over 2,400 years old, Ajax is the earliest surviving play by one of the greatest dramatists of ancient Greece. It remains a classic and powerful account of war's costs, not in blood and treasure, but in the psychic toll on its survivors.

Tickets for the readings are $12; $10 for members and $8 for youth (6-17).