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Cultural Connections is your information source for all the latest multicultural events and programs at OSF.

These are free ticketed events! We will have 2 play readings of work by Latino playwrights and a panel discussion. Tickets are available by email CulturalConnections@osfashland.org or (541) 482-2111 ext. 295


Saturday, October 26th

10:00am – Play reading of Seven Spots on the Sun by Martín Zimmerman in Carpenter Hall

“The village of San Isidro has been without its doctor for eighteen months. Moisés has remained a recluse, refusing to even look at a patient, since the day the army took his wife away during the country’s civil war.  But when a mysterious plague begins to ravage the countryside around San Isidro, the local parish priest convinces Moisés to take action. And when Moisés examines his first patient, he discovers he has the miraculous power to heal this plague with the touch of his hand. But among the thousands of pilgrims who flock to San Isidro, Moisés is forced to confront his past, and San Isidro the violence that tore it apart. A meditation on mourning, redemption, and revenge, Seven Spots on the Sun follows each character’s attempt to come to terms with the extraordinary loss they have suffered and the miracles they have witnessed.”

4:30pm – Panel discussion: No Holds Barrio: Latino Theatre into the Future moderated by our Mellon Playwright-in-Residence, Luis Alfaro in Carpenter Hall

“Frank talk and progressive thinking about making art and creating inclusion for Latinos in the professional field. What is the art that is being made and where does it take us?”

Sunday, October 27th

10:00am – Play reading of 26 Miles by Quiara Alegría Hudes in Carpenter Hall

“Eight years after a Cuban mother loses custody of her Jewish daughter she is given a second chance.  At 4:30 in the morning she kidnaps the sick teenage girl and the two drive west in search of a remedy and their divergent American dreams. Ms. Hudes is an American Revolutions commissioned writer.”


To get your tickets for this exciting weekend
Call (541) 482-2111 ext. 295
Or e-mail: CulturalConnections@osfashland.org