Patchy Sanders

Patchy Sanders

Performing in the 2013 Green Show Sunday, June 9.

This is their first season in the OSF Green Show.

Peasant Folk Music, Warming Hearts Lighting Humour, Fiddle Sticks.

Patchy Sanders is peasant folk music —old oak barrels, mead, scythes, broomsticks, jugs and hearths. We conjure the pleasantry of old and sink in with the beauty of the moment. We weave tapestries of sound that remember the musical traditions of celtic, appalachian, medieval, and bluegrass; while building bridges into our current creation of today’s folk. Patchy Sanders is two sisters, Jacqueline and Danielle Aubert, their lovers, Ian Van Ornum and Daniel Sherrill, and our gnomie gnome bass player David Duret. We are a family and we share love as much as music. We have all been writing and sharing songs for many years, performing for childrens groups, festivals, farmers markets, and stages far and wide. The instruments we most create with are, (but not limited to!) banjo, bouzouki, nylon and steel stringed guitars, mandolin, fiddle, 5 stringed double bass, penny whistle, saw, ukulele, and lots of beautiful harmonized voices!

Danielle Elyse Aubert: Danielle is a lover of the land and her music grows from the vines, trees, polypores and spring ephemerals that inspire her. She plays the banjo, saw pennywhistle and sings like a hawk nestled in a rose patch. Her songs are filtered through dreams, forests, owls, and cedar trees creating what she likes to call “banjo witch ballads.” They weave chromatic melodies, dissonant vocal harmonies and a soundscape of rhythmic and melodic orchestration. From the Appalachians to the Cascades the wilderness continues to inspire her to write and share her music.

Ian Van Ornum: There was a time, once…. I was standing stones on the apex of their noggins. I was happy, content with my life. A meandering staircase sprouted near. As I reached the tippy-top, there in the distance a shimmering castle. I shimmied back down to the prairied earth and been singing songs ever since about this kingdom and the characters and feelings met along the way. Long live Patchy Sanders. Ian plays and sings, mandolin, violin, bouzouki, guitar, & many/any quirky sound machines, also, he practices his whistling!

Daniel Kline Sherrill: Oh sun! the sky, the clouds, rain and waterfalls, from a trickle to niagra. Born in Baltimore, lived in Pennsylvania for many years, hopped around the globe, from NYC to Buenos Aires to Pittsburgh to Portland. Now in Southern Oregon. He writes songs about geese, sweet treats, and lucid dreaming. Creates on many instruments, primarily the guitar tickles his bow strings the most.

Jacqueline Rochelle Aubert: I Love harmonizing!!!!!! Yes! To sing! To thee! I AM a human who loves to SING!!!!! YAY!

David Duret: I play 5 string double upright bass. I have been classically trained for 25 years! I am inspired by lollywaggons and Patchy Sanders!

Patchy Sanders on Community: Our Physical community is Ashland, OREGON! We all live together 30 minutes outside of Ashland. We are all moving to town this month though to be townies and be richly connected to our culture as musicians. We are a freshly formed band (a few months ago now), so we are wanting to be where the people are. We want to share our music with the ENTIRE world! Seriously. And playfully! : ) We are all minstrels/Bards you see, who have come together to strengthen our power as muses and lovers of the earth!