G. Val and Friends

AEA Member

G. Val

Performing in the 2012 Green Show Wednesday, Sept. 12 and Tuesday, October 9.

This is their second season in the OSF Green Show.

G. Val has been connected to the festival in some way, shape or form since 1998.  He grew up in a military family that landed in Tacoma, WA on the retirement of his father.  As a boy he took a guitar class in Middle School... a year before he owned a guitar.  He liked it.  A whole doggone bunch! His affection of popular American music has forced him to form and join Rock Bands throughout his life.  This unrelentingly tyrannical compulsion fuels him even today.  The boy jus' cain't help it. He continues to play music with other people as a primary way of expressing joy and care for others.

G. Val and Friends on Community: G. Val has recently moved back to the Seattle Area and is getting to know that community again, but he feels that Ashland will always  be a place that he is proud to have been a resident of...no matter where in the world he is.  It was here in Ashland, OR that he learned some great life lessons that he, otherwise, would not have.  "And..." he adds almost belligerently, "both Seattle and Ashland are both members of the larger community I am so hugely proud to be a part of...that of The Great Pacific Northwest!!"