Sue Carney's Elizabethan Music and Dance Festival

Elizabethan Music and Dance Festival Performing in the 2013 Green Show Friday, June 28; Saturday, June 29; and Sunday, June 30.

This is their third season in the OSF Green Show.

Elizabethan Revelry! Authentic. Costumed. Music. Dance. High Energy Tudor Faire!

Newcastle is a troupe performing traditional English County and Morris Dancing. They have been performing at the Renaissance Faires of Southern and Northern California since 1974. Our dancers and musicians have taught Country and Morris dancing at schools and events throughout California and in other states. Newcastle English Country Dancers feature stylish and exciting presentations of traditional Elizabethan country dance, from the English Dancing Master written by John Playford in 1651. Dances are "announced" by improvisational speaking based around the history of the next particular dance. Thereby, giving the audience education as well as entertainment. Sue Carney (Music of Shakespeare’s Time) is best known for her work as a composer, producer, and performer at the acclaimed Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where she has been regularly commissioned to create music for theater, dance, and video productions. She is also a director and founding member of The Terra Nova Consort, an ensemble dedicated to exploring the roots of today's world music. Equally at home in modern and historic musical worlds, Carney's performances effortlessly span genres from jazz, blues & rock, to Latin and world music. Her songs and compositions likewise draw inspiration from the many musical realms she has explored in her unconventional career.

Sue Carney's Elizabethan Music and Dance Festival on Community: Our community is made up of OSF patrons, West Coast Renaissance music and dance fans, history buffs, Renaissance Fair lovers, and the Wiccan, Druidic, and Pagan communities.