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Meet the people who help guide the organization

As a non-profit organization, OSF depends on its Board of Directors and Endowment Fund Trustees to help shape mission and vision and to ensure sound finances so that we can look forward to another 75 years of success!

Board of Directors

Sid DeBoer, Medford, OR

Vice President
Kathryn Ma, San Francisco, CA

Gail Lopes, La Quinta, CA and Ashland, OR

Susan Cain, Ashland, OR


Joel Axelrod, Ashland, OR

Rick Bleiweiss, Ashland, OR

Lynne Carmichael, San Anselmo, CA

Yogen Dalal, Palo Alto, CA

Julie Strasser Dixon, Asotin, WA

Mary Driver, Jacksonville, OR

Tony Drummond, Berkeley, CA

Brad Edgerton, Beverly Hills, CA

Morton L. Friedkin, San Francisco, CA

Laurie Gibbs, Ashland, OR

David Glen, Ashland, OR and Mountain View, CA

Harold Goldstein, Portland, OR

Louise Gund, Berkeley, CA and Ashland, OR

Pam Hammond, Ashland, OR

Ken Hitz, Los Altos, CA

Heather Johnson, Jacksonville, OR

Rudd Johnson, Medford OR

Peter H. Koehler, Jr., Aurora, OR

Cynthia Lawrence, Ashland, OR

Darleen Ortega, Portland, OR

Fred Rehmus, Palo Alto, CA

Daniel Santos, Salem, OR

Nina Schwenk, Rochester, MN

Jane Shaw, Atherton, CA

Perry Simon, New York, NY and Santa Monica, CA

Patsy Smullin, Medford, OR

Trine Sorensen, Palo Alto, CA

Alex Sutton, Kirkland, WA

Jerry Taylor, Ashland, OR

Walter L. (Wally) Weisman, Beverly Hills, CA

Endowment Fund Trustees

William F. Nichols, Palo Alto, CA

Vice President
Dan Thorndike, Ashland, OR

Chuck Butler, Ashland, OR


William Meehan, Palo Alto, CA

Kelly Meldrum, Palo Alto, CA

Robert Porter, Bellevue, WA and Ashland, OR