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2013 July Festival Noon Events

Posted on Jun 21st, 2013 in Education Matters

We are off to a great start with our 2013 Festival Noon Summer Series! Here is a look at our July lineup already underway.

lopez elich panel discussion   bill lecture

We are off to a great start with our 2013 Festival Noon Summer Series!  Our August and September events will be posted very soon. While you are waiting for those, take a look at our wonderful July lineup. We have great panel discussions, dynamic lectures, interactive demonstrations and our ever popular Preface Plusses. Join us!

All events start at noon and last approximately one hour. Lectures and Preface Plus are held in Carpenter Hall. Our free Park Talks are held in the Bill Patton Garden behind the Elizabethan Theatre. Tickets are available online or at the Box Office. $10.00 for general admission; $9.00 for members; $8.00 for youths (ages 6 – 17). See you there!

Tuesday July 2                    Park Talk: Joshua Heuertz, Stage Operations and Acting Ensemble

Wednesday July 3               Lecture: “Men Are as the Time is: The Ethical Labyrinths of King Lear,” Barry Kraft, dramaturg, King Lear

Friday July 5                       Lecture: "Haunting Legacies in The Liquid Plain: Ghosts and the Living," Ketu H. Katrak, University of California, Irvine

Saturday July 6                   Panel Discussion: “The Atlantic Slave Trade in History and Drama,” Naomi Wallace, playwright (The Liquid Plain), Marcus Rediker, author (The Salve Ship: A Human History), Julie Felise Dubiner, dramaturg (The Liquid Plain), Moderator

Sunday July 7                     Park Talk: Jacqueline Leighton, Costume Properties Artisan

Tuesday July 9                    Park Talk: Kate Hurster, Actor                                                               

Wednesday July 10             Lecture: “The Naming of the Shrew,” Paul Menzer, Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, VA        

Thursday July 11                 Preface Plus: A Streetcar Named Desire

Friday July 12                     Panel Discussion: “Playing Women When Men Set the Rules of the Game," Dawn-Lyen Gardiner, Nell Geisslinger, Kate Mulligan, Actors.

Saturday July 13                 Interactive Workshop: Shakespeare’s Characters, Christine Albright-Tufts, OSF Teaching Artist

Sunday July 14                   Park Talk: Howie Seago, Actor

Tuesday July 16                  Park Talk: Danielle Richter, Wig and Hair Run Crew

Wednesday July 17             Lecture: "Unexpected Heroes, Fantastical Quests: The Fairy Tale World of Cymbeline," Lydia G. Garcia, Literary Associate, Dramaturg

Thursday July 18                 Preface Plus: A Streetcar Named Desire                           

Friday July 19                     Lecture: “The Thing Itself: Directing King Lear,” Bill Rauch, Artistic Director

Saturday July 20                 Interactive Demonstration: "Stolen Jewelry and Shrewish Dames: at the Corner of Shakespeare & Noir," Brian Lohmann and the Impro Theater Ensemble

Sunday July 21                   Park Talk: Kaylyn Kilkuskie, Sticher and Stage Operations

Tuesday July 23                  Park Talk: Joseph A. Porto, Musician and Construction Supervisor

Wednesday July 24             Lecture: “Paduan Katherine and Imogen the Celt: Shakespeare’s Taming of himself,” Michael J. Allen, University of California, Los Angeles

Thursday July 25                 Preface Plus: The Liquid Plain                  

Friday July 26                     Lecture: “The monstrous little voices of a midsummer’s night and the Nine Men’s Morris,” Michael J. Allen, University of California, Los Angeles        

Saturday July 27                 Panel Discussion: “Musical Math: How the Equation of The Unfortunates was built,” Jon Beavers, Casey Hurt, Ian Merrigan, Ramiz Monsef, Playwrights. Lue Morgan Douthit, dramaturg

Sunday July 28                    Park Talk: Richard L. Hay, Senior Scenic and Theatre Designer

Tuesday July 30                   Park Talk: Isabell Monk O’Connor, Actor

Wednesday July 31             Lecture: “The Bursting Hearts of King Lear,” Gretchen Minton, Montana State University, Bozeman