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Makin' a Scene: Window into Streetcar

Posted on Mar 25th, 2013 in Artists & Company
projection image

Using projection to create a 40-foot X 17-foot window

By Sandy Phillips, Scenic Artist

This week the paint shop has been polishing off “The Unfortunates” as the show goes into technical rehearsals. The show promises to be beautiful, and we are all so excited to see this story fleshed out. Not to mention how fulfilling it is to see all of the work and all of the layers come together. Meanwhile, a few of us head out to the warehouse to begin work on our upcoming production of A Streetcar Named Desire.

This awesome version of A Streetcar Named Desire is designed by our very own Associate Artistic Director Christopher Acebo. The set has an ultimately masculine feel, employing harsh angles and lighting effects, black rubber mats and expanded steel mesh. The featured element is a giant ornate window.

The finished window will be 40' by 17' and is made up of ten individual panels connected together to create a huge window running from the top of the Kowalski's residence to the top of the proscenium. The window will be decorated with the ornate design pictured above. It provides partial privacy and partial translucency to the upstairs neighbors' residence, and alludes to the close proximity of other people's homes and windows.

In order to achieve this effect, we used a video projector and laptop to project each panel's design on the plexiglass and trace the design on the paper covers with permanent markers. Next we cut the design out of the paper with exacto knives making a perfect stencil. Next week, we will spray the plexi with paint through a pneumatic sprayer and remove the remaining paper, thus leaving a perfect painted design. When they are completed, the windows will be attached to present a solid window, creating the perfect platform for lighting and water effects.

Tune in next week to see the finished product as well as other pieces from the show!


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