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Posted on Jul 29th, 2013 in Green Show
The Unfortunates Band

July 7th 2013 | Author Colleen Slavin & PEEPS

This Week the Green Show PEEPS (Professional Educational Experience Program students) wrote blog entries about the various acts this week!

2013 Green Show PEEPS 


Max Garloff : The Unfortunates Band

The Unfortunates Band is a great addition to the Green Show season, and is highly anticipated by many people. As several of you know this group is from our great show The Unfortunates. The members of this band are Jesse Baldwin, Jon Beavers, Mike Fitch, Casey Hurt, Ian Merrigan, Ramiz Monsef and Joe Porto. This group has a unique experimental hip hop and blues inspired sound. I have been on the edge of my seat to finally witness them on the green show stage. Though this is their first season performing at the Green Show, I feel they should be welcomed as though they have been here for many years.


Jackson Richmond: Brandon Beebe

Brandon Beebe is more than just a singer. He is more than just a song writer. Beebe is not only a musician, but a diverse artist of numerous talents which he uses to convey the illusion of an entire band coming through our speakers. How does Brandon do this? No, he doesn't play all his instruments simultaneously, using his looper Beebe is able to sing the melody and harmonies, while beat boxing, playing his guitar, and his cello. This award winning one man bad from Madison, Wisconsin will be performing on our Green Show Stage July 10th! Don't miss it!


Madelyn Bangs: Kevin Underwood Meidoko

At the age of 13 Kevin Underwood began his passionate career as a drummer. At first he focused on Rock and Jazz but soon became interested in Taiko, a form of Japanese drumming. As a self taught drummer this is an incredible feat. He has performed at many prestigious venues, including Carnegie Hall with the Taiko group Ondekoza. Afterwards attending the Berklee College of music where he focused on expanding his musical skills and creating diverse and unique music. From this time he has formed the well renowned On Ensemble. Who have performed at the Green Show many times. Their shows are always full of spirit, world music and interesting sounds that will always keep you guessing. With it's other members Suzee Grilley, Justin Dy, Tristan Gutner, and Steve Davidson the On Ensemble strives to bring together people with their music, and the community felt at their performances can hardly be denied. 

Caetlyn Burt: Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre

Timothy Mooney was on tour doing his one man show “Moliere Than Thou,” in the Southeastern states when someone told him that their local Shakespeare Festival was trying to find their Macbeth and that he should send in his resume. This got him thinking about a new one man show, "Lot O' Shakespeare" which features one monologue of every Shakespeare play.

Jennifer Conrard: Mr. Shineyhead

Mr. Shineyhead or Patrick Q. Fischer, is a performer and advertisement designer who is gracing Green show with his presence twice this week. He has performed and toured alone as well as with the National Theatre of the Deaf and the Northwest Theatre of the Deaf. He has a wonderful storytelling ability using ASL. He is very comical and entertaining and is sharing his “Storytelling Extravaganza” with us.