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Hip-hop in Martin Luther King Jr Day Celebration

Posted on Oct 16th, 2012 in Green Show

January 17, 2012 | Author: Claudia Alick

ashlanddanceworksmlk2012webOur 2012 Annual Ashland Martin Luther King Jr. day Celebration kept up with a tradition of having hip-hop in the program. This year it was Ben Baden's original rap with beats from DJ Omari and Aisha Wand's dance troupe Ashland Dance Works. Danceworks is a full service dance studio that offers top quality professional dance instruction in the Rouge Valley. Her group danced to the Yolanda Adams song "I Believe" and the crowd did a standing ovation in the middle of the piece it was so hot.

Here's a copy of Ben Baden's rap song. His passionate words brought tears to audience members eyes. This is why we sponsor and help produce events like this. The next generation of writers, poets, thinkers, and change makers are being cultivated today.

Verse 1:
Livin in a world where people constantly are rude to him
Coughin out racial slurs it’s really nothin new to him
1 life, 1 dream that’s stayin true to him
speakin from the soul marchin on letting people in
Mind on his family his head to the sky
Hopin one day black and white would unify
Lotta people beat him down so much more were skeptical
Then they saw him movin crowds marchin like a general
Locals dropping N bombs overlookin pestilence
Never battle back man he rose above that influence
People started singin and he always reassured
That the grass is always green gotta push a little more
Hook: Some call him Jr. or maybe Martin Luther
Set aside his difference and rose above the rumors
All the people who have saw him I know you can feel this
I wish Dr. King could hear this.
Verse 2:
Words pure ecstasy everybody’s feelin this
Met corretta scott she was attracted to his realness
Quotes surfin the people provide reliance
Taught me in this world you need a bit of civil defiance
Takin risks….worry less about the consequence
Try to rid the world of all the hatred and incompetence
Knowin that his motives were borderline suicide
Try to rid the fear that always sits in his daughter’s eyes
He used to fantasize about the world and it’s equality
And how this certain matter has corrupted people logically
Then they started switchin lanes
Cops and dogs couldn’t change
March on linked arms racism outta range
If only he was here today to see what hes gotten done
Yeah he the King but shares his throne with everyone.