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The Royal Road

Posted on Oct 4th, 2012 in Artists & Company
The Royal Road

February 28, 2011 | Author: John Tufts

Henry-IV_1_tce_0126King Henry. Prince Hal. Hotspur. Mistress Quickly. Justice Shallow. Doll Tearsheet. Bardolph. Poins.

The greatest and fullest characters Shakespeare ever created are in Henry IV, pt 1, and Henry IV, pt 2. They are noble and despicable, brilliant and manipulative, side-splittingly funny and devastatingly heart-breaking. Some of them really lived, dotting the annals of English history like legends. Some of them are combinations of people who really lived, whose legends have long since surpassed their living counterparts. All of them are the unmistakable, utterly human creations of William Shakespeare.

This March, for 10 crazy days, I’ll be traveling to England and France, looking for clues, traces of these “happy few” from the city to the countryside. I’ll travel from London, to Canterbury, to Shropshire and the battlefield at Shrewsbury, to Monmouth and Southampton, and finally, crossing the English Channel and braving the bitter March winds of Northern Coastal France tromping the way to Agincourt.

All the while we’ll be sending you dispatches from across the Atlantic. We’ll post videos , pictures, and a journal of our adventure right here. We’ll delve into the world and character of the inhabitants of Shakespeare’s glorious tapestry of Henry IV, pt 2. We’ll visit the places these people ate, slept, ruled, and fought.

It’ll be 10 insane days of driving, hiking, and sailing. We’ll meet some characters along the way, and hopefully see a few ghosts as well. So join us and check back often, as we unearth the past and poetry of The Royal Road.