Tales from the Vault: Bob Scott

Posted on Oct 4th, 2012 in OSF Archives

Bob Scott was a great fan of Shakespeare and other playwrights, and a great friend of the Festival. Though he died in August of this year, he is alive in our minds and hearts. Through his estate he has left us a fine parting gift.

The Archives has received a collection of 232 items which Bob owned, most of which include a bookplate indicating that they are from the collection of Robert Edward Scott. These include scripts, criticism and essays, games and cards, sound recordings and videos, textbooks, cookbooks and biographies of Shakespeare and many other playwrights. The collection includes everything from Macbird by Barbara Garson and Thy Father is a Gorbellied Codpiece by Barry Kraft to a complete set of Shakespeare’s plays, poems and sonnets, published in 1901, originally belonging to his father, and Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare. It appears that Bob frequented the Tudor Guild.

This collection has been distributed around the Festival and may be found in the Archives, the Artistic Library and the Gertrude Bowmer Members’ Lounge according to Bob’s wishes.

Written originally for The Company Call, December 1999, by Kit Leary.