Dancing People Company

Dancing People Company

Performing in the 2014 Green Show Tuesday, September 23.

This is their fifth season in the OSF Green Show.

Gorgeous, physical, evocative contemporary dance, featuring national-caliber Ashland dancers.

Dancing People Company is Ashland's own premier contemporary dance company. Founded in 1994 by artistic director and choreographer Robin Stiehm, Dancing People is dedicated to presenting high quality, innovative dance that appeals to a wide variety of audiences. Originally based in Minneapolis, the company relocated to Ashland in 2003. The five artists of DPC perform the contemporary choreography of the director, work that is witty, evocative and entertaining. DPC presents over 30 performances each year, in Ashland and the greater Pacific Northwest, including in 2013, the Seattle International Dance Festival and the University of Oregon/Eugene. In addition to professional performances, DPC creates community-based workshops and performance pieces that empower through movement and creativity. In Ashland, this includes the Winter Solstice celebration, Call Back The Sun. Dancing People Company’s school in Ashland offers excellent training in modern and ballet technique, improvisation and aerial dance to students of all ages and abilities.

Dancing People Company on Community: DPC's community is Ashland, those who like to watch dance and those who participate in dance. We hope to broaden our connections to include those visiting Ashland from a larger region and to members of our local community who may not know of DPC.