Todo Mundo

Tudo Mundo

Performing in the 2014 Green Show Friday, September 26 and Sunday, September 28.

This is their first season in the OSF Green Show.

Original music, eight piece band, Rumba, Reggae, Samba, Middle Eastern.

Todo Mundo ("All the World") is a band based out of San Diego, CA that blends the musical flavors of Rumba, Reggae, Samba, and Middle Eastern styles into an irresistible groove that has been moving dance floors and connecting with audiences from Southern California to South America since 2009.

Through music, Todo Mundo has learned to share their soul and experiences with the world.  The power of music allows them to transmit their messages of equality and diversity. The band is a manifestation of these messages, containing talented musicians from all over the world (Colombia, Israel, Venezuela, Canada, & the U.S.). Their music and performances possess explosive energy that celebrates life and unity, with the aim of connecting with people from all over the world, and encouraging them to live in the present, as one.

The band is led by singer, guitarist, and songwriter Santiago Orozco, a native of Colombia.   In the summer of 2013, Todo Mundo completed a successful one month tour of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California to promote their new album Conexion, which was officially released on October 15th, 2013.  Todo Mundo will be touring the U.S. throughout the summer of 2014 and also has plans to tour outside of the U.S. this year.

Tudo Mundo on Community: Todo Mundo is based in San Diego, CA, which is a vibrant city full of life, color, and cultural diversity.  Our band members live in neighborhoods that are comprised of people from all over the world, with many different types of lifestyles.  From living in these communities, we have had the opportunity to absorb ideas and sounds from different cultures and develop strong bonds with different types of people.  Our performance celebrates life and this cultural and ethnic diversity, through combining rhythms and sounds from all over the world.  Our lead vocalist sings in both Spanish and English, which allows us to connect with a wide audience.  Only two of the eight band members are originally from San Diego and the rest are originally from Colombia, Israel, Venezuela, Canada, England, and New Jersey.  Our communities in San Diego welcome this type of diversity and we want to express this love and community vibe through our performances, encouraging audience participation and spreading messages of love, unity, and diversity.