The Sonnet Man

The Sonnet Man

Performing in the 2014 Green Show on Wednesday, June 11.

This is his first season in the OSF Green Show.

The Sonnet Man is Devon, an MC who translates Shakespeare's words through rap.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Devon Glover has enjoyed performing since childhood when he would perform songs for his friends. He has a degree in Mathematics from Ithaca College, where he also studied education while perfecting his craft performing/teaching on the stage. Devon Glover was able to begin blending his love for teaching and rapping while working for the company, Flocabulary, which varies in different subjects. Devon began working with Shakespeare while teaching the play Othello to a group of H.S. seniors in Brooklyn. His previous work and experience in education led to the creation of The Sonnet Man. As The Sonnet Man, Devon provides a unique form of edu-tainment (educational entertainment) where he adds the Bard's words to a contemporary hip-hop beat, followed by a breakdown from Devon. His success with The Sonnet Man has led to an appearance on The Today Show, a performance in Ontario, Canada, an annual show in Negril, Jamaica, as well as numerous workshops throughout the US. Devon is very excited for the opportunity to be a part of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Green Show.

Devon Glover The Sonnet Man on Community: My community is all fans of Shakespeare. I have a goal to introduce them into hip-hop, as well as display another way Shakespeare can be performed. The Sonnet Man is also a way to inspire students to read Shakespeare. Using the sonnets (only 14 lines)-it's an easy way to get students started with The Bard.