Samba do Coração

Samba do Coração

Performing in the 2014 Green Show on Saturday, September 27.

This is their first season in the OSF Green Show.

A Vivacious performance of authentic Brazilian carnival dance and music.

Carolina Morones and Jenika Smith founded Samba Dance Ashland in 2013 to celebrate and honor Brazilian dance and culture. By popular demand founders Carolina and Jenika have created a performance troupe called Samba do Coração (Samba from the Heart). They are passionate about sharing dance and movement as a way to empower their students to be confident and celebrate their body. Samba Dance Ashland classes are offered at Dancing People Company (310 Oak St).

Carolina Morones is an actress, dancer and singer originally from Oakland, California. She has a BA in Theatre & Performing Arts and an MFA in Acting. She performed professionally with BrasArte’s dance troupe Ginga Brasil in California. Ms. Morones believes passionately in the transformative and healing qualities of dance, which lead her to co-found Samba Dance Ashland with Jenika Smith. She teaches afro-samba, frevo and carnival dance. She is directing, choreographing and performing in Samba Dance Ashland’s performance troupe Samba do Coração. Ms. Morones is a Resident Teaching Artist at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Jenika Smith is a musician, singer and dancer currently playing with her band Smith & Durango and teaching samba and contemporary carnival dance styles at Samba Dance Ashland, which she co-founded with Carolina Morones in 2013. Ms. Smith choreographs and performs for Samba do Coração.

Samba do Coração on Community: We believe in creating an all inclusive space that celebrates diverse cultures and builds community through dance. We are making connections with other dancers in town including Intension Dance and Levity and collaborating with groups such as Capoeira Rumbi Zumbi. Our goal is to have an open exchange with teachers from the Bay Area and Brazil to share ideas, styles and techniques.