Soochow University Performance Troupe

Performance Troupe from Soochow University, China

Performing in the 2014 Green Show Wednesday, June 4.

This is their first season in the OSF Green Show.

Experience Suzhou, China - Kunqu Opera, the flute, dance and history.

Performers are students of Soochow University: College of Arts: Manying XU, Huanhuan TIAN; College of Media: Chenyu ZHAO, Yixiu DING, Junnan WANG; College of Computer Science: Zhuo ZHANG; College of Mathematic Science: Tingqian SONG; College of Business Administration: Yue LI, Fandi GONG; College of Social Sciences: Zhu ZHU, Xindi ZHAO; College of Foreign Languages: Feiran XU (Emcee); College of Physical Education: Binbin LOU, Chaolu LIU, Xiang WANG, Ziwen LI; College of Urban Rail System: Kedong HE; Medical Department: Xiang LI.

Performance Troupe from Soochow University, China on Community: Soochow University in China is the equivalent of Columbia University in the US. The Soochow University Performance Troupe is formed by students from different colleges within the university system. They showcase the historic Chinese performance art and the regional specialty of Suzhou culture.