A season of celebration and then one of crisis and amazing community support.

In 2010 OSF celebrated its 75th anniversary and dedicated the season to its incredibly supportive and smart audiences. The following season, on June 18, 2011, the main support beam for the Angus Bowmer Theatre cracked. Performances were staged for a six-week period in a variety of locations in the area including Ashland’s Historic Armory, Southern Oregon University’s Dorothy Stolp Center Stage Theatre, and Medford’s Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater before they settled into a temporary six-week summer home in a large tent dubbed “Bowmer in the Park.” On August 2, the Bowmer Theatre reopened. Executive Director Paul Nicholson retires in 2012. The New Theatre was renamed the Thomas Theatre in 2012, in honor of Peter Thomas. The Elizabethan Stage/Allen Pavilion is renamed the Allen Elizabethan Theatre in 2013.

In this decade so far, the Festival has produced these World Premieres, including adaptations: 2010 - Throne of Blood, 2010 - American Night, 2011 - Willful, 2011 - Ghost Light, 2011 - The Imaginary Invalid (adaptation), 2012 - The White Snake, 2012 - All the Way, 2012 - Party People, 2012 - The Very Merry Wives of Windsor, Iowa, 2013 -The Unfortunates, 2013 -The Liquid Plain, 2013 -The Tenth Muse, 2014 – A Wrinkle in Time, 2014 – Family Album, 2014 – The Great Society.

2010s Production History