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Green Show Week Two

Posted on Jul 15th, 2013 in Green Show
Siskiyou Violins

June 11, 2013 | Author: Claudia Alick

My favorite memory of Siskiyou Violins is when they had some of their instrumentalists play on the Elizabethan balcony creating a 360 degree sound experience. They played Somewhere over the Rainbow honoring Jewish composers in resonance with our production of Merchant of Venice.

Jefferson State Choral Coalition

Awesome video of Jefferson State Coalition

Our first collaboration with Dr. Kirby Shaw was in 2012 for the Annual Dr. Martin Luther King jr. Day Celebration in Ashland. He put together a huge choir with Jefferson State Choral Coalition, and the Peace Choir, Siskiyou Singers, and other great singing groups in the Rogue Valley. The group was truly MEGA- beautiful, MEGA-positive, MEGA-awesome. It’s so great to have Kirby collaborate this year sharing his great arrangements and beautiful singers (and dancers!) with our Green Show audiences.



Curtain Climbers

Curtain Climbers Aerial Dance Company 

So excited about this group! So beautiful to see these talented dancers fly through the air.



Rocking out with kilts!

Shook Twins

Shook Twins

Here are the twins Beatboxing! 

I booked this group from this video and then found out that they have a full band! So excited to see them in any incarnation. This will be a quirky funky fabulous show.



Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra

If you miss this Green Show (or just love this group and want to see more) attend their performance in the Elizabethan on Monday

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