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Two Trains Running: Director Interview

Posted on Nov 21st, 2012 in Plays
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Director Lou Bellamy discusses the role of ritual & community in the play

In this interview, recorded in July 2012, Director Lou Bellamy talks about his history with this play and Wilson's canon, and he discusses how the characters' rituals and community give cultural context to this play and provide insights into a society that we otherwise would not have.

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  • It was so good to hear Lou speak of Two Trains in terms of the Ritual aspects within this work ans All of August Wilson's works for that matter. And not just the "Ritual" that you experience in Gem Of the Ocean or Piano Lesson..those are specific systems of a Spiritual Ritual to say. But of the Daily and equally Important and much less noticeable Rituals of in people in Wilson's community and of Black American people so a collective. So Rituals change slightly within a decade or a generation and other are deeper within and remain to present day.
    Thank you Lou for your Deeper Insight into this world that August Wilson has left us all to Explore and Revisit and Learn from and most of all ENJOY.
    Karen Perry
    Costume Design
    Kare PerryNov 27th, 2012 12:06 pm


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